Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Decisions, decisions

Do you find that at different points in your life, just when you have settled in and thinking that all the pieces are finally in place and you are comfortable, something comes up to rattle your cage? Something to make you second guess, cause you to think that you should make a change or that there is something better...something to cause you to question if what you are doing is the right thing or if where you are is the right place. So, what do you do? Will you make the right decision?

The decisions you've made up to this point have been the right ones, have put you in a good place and probably are how and why you are faced with this new decision. If you're like me, you will start to analyze every little thing...all the things that got you to this point, and all the pros and cons of the current situation. I question whether I want to upset the apple cart and make another change. Would I be making it for the right reasons.

Well, I'll let you in on a secret...if you are asking these questions, it is most definitely time for a change. And I can honestly say, that whatever you decide, you will be better off. You will have analyzed the situation, took note of specifics, and made some sort of changes. I went through the process and I made a major change last year, and even though it was extremely scary and unsettling, it was so worth it. I was in a horrible place, but didn't really realize just how bad it was until I was no longer there. Regardless of pay, benefits, or strong co-worker relationships, being subjected and working under extreme mental distress takes its toll. During this period, there were times when I actually thought I was the issue, that I was the problem...I started to believe that I was the one who was wrong, inept, unqualified, etc. But, once I was faced with a decision that caused me to look at things more objectively, I made the decision to move on. I took the leap. I was able to clear my head--thankfully during a long needed vacation in the Bahamas--which then allowed me to open the door to a much better opportunity, three in fact, and just like that I was immediately back on track.

Today I am thriving and very happy. I am valued, appreciated, respected, and thought of as an integral team member with potential for bigger and better opportunities. I feel like I did a few years ago and have been able to let go of the self-doubt and negativity due to years of manipulation, and have a very positive outlook. I put aside the pettiness of the small minded and self-important that are simply intimidated by my skills, capabilities and work ethic.

Therefore, when faced with decisions that we think are difficult and challenging, rest assured, those are usually the ones that give us the most reward!