Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Age Series: Coming of Age, Gracefully and Respectfully

September 17, 2010 - I’m not sure when or if we ever stop seeing ourselves as the younger versions we once were…but, at some point, there has got to be a time when you realize that mini skirts, belly shirts, tube tops and booty-shorts are NOT appropriate!  I mean…at home, behind closed doors, wear whatever you want…but when you step out that door to treat the rest of us to your presence, please don’t make me lose the $15 lunch I just ate…I, and I’m sure a majority of the general public, don’t want to see it…don’t even want to think about it…

I understand that there is fine line with today’s fashions being more about personal style and expression than good taste, but just because something has been created, it doesn’t mean it is for everyone, every body type, every size, or every age.  There are plenty of versions of the current, hip, trendy pieces where you can stay relevant, without sacrificing style (not to mention common sense).  For example, this season the hot, over-the-knee boots for Fall/Winter are all the rage—but there are age appropriate ways to wear them well…check out this link to Lucky Magazine’s video from Creative Director Andrea Linett on how to “pull on” this super cool, hip trend. 
http://www.luckymag.com/style/video/2009/12/over_the_knee_boots.  And, with other key wardrobe pieces, the trench, the skinny  jean, the flirty shirts---you can always count on InStyle for their How To Wear It (for 20's, 30's, 40's and even 50's) articles each month to assist as well.  There are plenty of opportunities out there to research and self-educate from online sites, magazines and even TV/Cable shows to become a fashionable "hit", but you should also use the old friend that never let's us down--the mirror!  Like it or not, it does not lie...we lie to ourselves and in some cases even our friends and family will lie to us---but the mirror is always true.  Trust it...

It’s really all about common sense and honestly knowing how to age gracefully and not ridiculously.  So, when in doubt, just remember these simple rules to not being pointed at followed by laughter erupting at your presence---1)  A belly shirt does not mean if you have a belly you wear it—that goes for men AND women!.  2) A tube top is not for women with tube-boobs!  3) Booty-shorts are not appropriate if your booty is not where it used to be...peeking from under the short is not the same as sagging beneath the short!    These are just a few simple "rules" that are easy enough to remember and should jolt the common sense area of the brain as other apparel items may be attempted.


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