Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rules of the Road Series-To Blink or Not to Blink

August 31, 2010 

So when did it become ok to not abide by even the simplest of rules? Regularly I notice that there are many rules that are simply ignored these days and the topics for writing here will be expansive. But, for this particular day, my frustration stems from a very common rule-breaking event…Something that is so simple, it is mind-boggling as to why...not using your blinker (signal) is not playing by the rules. The rules of the road that is…is it because these offenders feel that it is unnecessary? Is it because they feel it doesn’t matter? Is it because they simply don’t care? Well, if it wasn’t necessary it wouldn’t be installed in cars in the first place…right? If it didn’t matter, then no-one would use it. But, the reason for having it is also simple—it’s a safety thing…it’s the way of communicating your intentions while operating a vehicle…a rule with which you abide by for the safety of driving on the roadways…but not only is not using it unsafe, it is unbelievably rude, stupid and selfish…not using it does matter, not using it is careless, not using it is simply stupid. Think outside of the 3000 lb box with wheels you are sitting in, beyond your own laziness and selfishness for a moment, to the thousands of others out there that are put in danger by the simple fact of not using your signal. Others sharing the roadways next to you, behind you, coming at you; others riding bicycles, or walking to work; men, women, children, old, young, tall or short…people that just simply want to know whether you are going to turn into them, in front of them, or stop dead in the middle of the road for no apparent reason! The blinker is the one way of communication to alert all those around you that you are going to do something other than continue straight on your current path…a blinker could alleviate close calls, rear-end collisions, pedestrian clips, and side swipes. Using a blinker also contributes to a decrease in road-rage…rage that is usually caused by someone cutting in front of another without looking or signaling…causing a potential accident. 

But, if you are one of those people who can’t think beyond your own 3 ft of personal space to the consideration of others…then continue on…don’t think of anyone else but yourself…and don’t think about passengers you are carrying. You are putting yourself, your children, your family, your friends, anyone that is riding with you in harms way…but that’s apparently that is a risk you are willing to take…so continue on.  

A blinker is the “signal” of what you plan to do within the next 5-10 seconds---one of the simplest (easiest) communications tools there is (next to a single hand-jester) to inform someone of your intentions. However, outside of my own personal rage towards the jerk that refuses to use their blinker…I suggest we do what Americans do best and demand change. Let’s march, let’s parade, let’s petition! If indeed it is overwhelmingly popular to not use a blinker, then why don’t we all join forces for change and ask the automakers to install voice notification systems that will scream your intent to turn, change lanes or pass a slower vehicle…or your alarm system to beep incessantly until your direction changes…that certainly would be less offensive than that small little light blinking…and don’t forget about all the calories you can save by not raising that one finger to push the blinker button—but, I can assure you, not using your blinker has caused many others to raise a finger towards you…so, let’s get back to abiding by the rules, even if it is just this one little one…USE YOUR DAMN BLINKER…PLEASE!!

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