Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It Has Come Around

You know the saying - What goes around, comes around - right? Well, how often do you actually get to see it or find out that it has happened? It's one of those sayings we typically use to help us cope with the negative, and sometimes reprehensible actions of others. But, rarely do we ever witness or hear that some form of "justice" has been served. All I can say is that after many, many years of making the statement or hearing others proclaim what goes around, comes around, and waiting for some evidence that it is true...I have finally seen it happen. And quite frankly, I'm satisfied that it happened to this particular person. A true hypocrite. Someone who always believes they are superior and the smartest person in the room. Someone who takes pleasure in belittling and intimidating others. Someone who does not value others or their contributions. So, yes, I am satisfied--not happy, not thrilled, not excited - just satisfied. You must put into the world that which you want and expect to get back. You cannot constantly put negativity out and expect that you only get positivity returned, or that you won't be adversely affected. Now I'm sure you are wondering what actually did "come around"? Well, the truth is that customers have left or refused to continue relationships; business partners have sought out others to provide same services; contracts won't be renewed; and the regional community of professionals are turning their backs and disassociating. After years of disrespect and beratement, everyone has had enough. Everyone is aware, and everyone is talking about it. It is happening. It has come around!! And, it will be difficult to recover without significant change...You can't continue to believe you are untouchable. However, I doubt this person will understand that this "come around" is a direct result of their behavior. I fear that they will do as they have always done and blame everyone else for their shortcomings and failures, and take absolutely no responsibility. But, even more concerning than the lack of accountability, is that there are innocent people that will be hurt and left hanging and out to dry...I just hope they can land on their feet when the final wave crashes down. So, at the end of the day, you can rest assured that what goes around, comes around--because it actually does come around!

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